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The Harmonica is one ofthe easiest and mostconvenientinstruments to learn. You can take this small instrument with you anywhere you go, which means you can take your music with you anywhere and play anytime.

Why is this site unique?
This website uses new and comfortable technology to teach quickly and easily. Each song can be played while following the notes and the harmonica tubson the screen. Each studentcan can choose the class level to suit his or her level of playing.
As you advance, you have two tempo of playing. These significant advances do not exist in any other medium other than the computer, and make the learning process more fun and enjoyable than with any book or CD.

The price for a harmonica lesson online is only a tenth of the price of a lesson with a teacher, andmores! you canplayback an online harmonica lesson as many times as you wish when ever you wish. The styles and songs in the site are many and varied, so everyone will find something to like.This is the best way to learn harmonica alone, and a great aide for those are studying with a teacher.

Who can learn Harmonica?
The Harmonica is an accessible instrument that is easy to learn, even for children as young as ten years old. It is suited to anyone, young or old, who has dreamed to play an instrument but couldn't find the time. It is a good choice for musicians looking to expand their repertoire and enhance their sound. But the best candidates to learn Harmonica are those that love the instrument and just want to learn how to play it.

What kind of harmonica to learn with?
Diatonic or Chromatic harmonica.

Diatonic harmonica- It's a 10 holes small harmonica (blues harmonica) in C scale.

Chromatic harmonica - a harmonica that progresses by half tones. You can buy one with 8, 10, 12, 14, and even 16 holes.

What are the lessons like?

The lessons on this site are based on a new system, combining learning by ear and classical note reading. Every song and exercise is accompanied by an application showing and playing the notes in real time, online. 

Every lesson is accompanied by explanations and tips, built on years of Ami's music instruction experience, as a music teacher and a Harmonica teacher.

In addition, the site includes forums that permit students to seek further help and advice at any time from site staff and users.

How l begin learning at HarmonicaBreeze?

To begin learning,sign up!Fill in your personal details and send in the form. You will be able to immediately beginfree lessons- you will see how easy and convenient it is to learn harmonica online.

Important note!

For all our students at HarmonicBreeze site:
From now on the subscribers on to the site can be to all parts and all the lessons:

"Old students" that already sine and paid can move from one sectionto another freely.

After paying you can practice anytime you want and as many time as you want and you can move to next lesson as mach as you want.


Is the accessfree for all countries worldwide

Yes- Upon registration and paying, you will receive your code (thru your mail) for full and unlimited access to all lessons or songsyou subscribe to on the web site for a period of time you pay for.

Returns - Can I cancel membership
Yes - 7 daysmoney back.Mail us your cancellation request and get your many back include shipping fee if there is any.

Producing sound with the harmonica might seem easy at first glance, but as with most things concerning the harmonica, it is takes more than what meets the eye. Playing a few sounds together is fairly easy, but producing a single accurate note might be difficult at first, so be patient and practice.
There are two primary approaches to playing the harmonica. One use the lips alone, and the other, recommended route, is to use the tongue. This second approach is critical for playing chords and rhythmic accompaniment while playing melody.

How to practice:

Each lesson design for approximatelyone week practicing.
We recommend playing and practicing every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes.If you have trouble breathing - remember this is natural. The Harmonica is a wind instrument, and requires quite a bit of lung capacity, especially at the beginning before you get used to it.
If you get tired, take a short break, catch your breath, and carry on.
The beginning is always the hardest, so don't give up. Keep on trying, it will pay off in the end.

Play each song or melody at lest 4 time evry day continuous at every practicing.

Try learning every melody by hart if you can - it's alwaysthe best.
Don't rush... there is t i m e... until the next computer crash...

Trouble breathing when playing?
Watch movie!

What is Diatonic harmonica?

It's a 10 holes small harmonica in one specific scale. With theDiatonic Harmonicayou will be able to play songs in theC Major scale-in other words, any song you can play on the white keys of the piano. You can also purchase Diatonic Harmonicas in different keys- for example, A, G, E, F, and D. For this site you should purchase aC Major ScaleHarmonica.The Diatonic Harmonica is suitable mainly for rock, country, folk, and blues music styles.
This site planned for C diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

What is Chromatic harmonica?

TheChromatic Harmonicais a harmonica that progresses by half tones. This means it can play all 12 half tones of an octave, similar to both the white and the black keys on the piano. The 12 hole Chromatic Harmonica can playthree whole octaves.
This is a more flexible and sophisticated harmonica that can play in any key including minor scales.Additionally, it is easier to perform certain effects such as trills.
On the other hand, Chromatic Harmonicas have some shortcomings. It is almost impossible to bend notes, an essential effect for blues and country music. Also, it is not designed for playing chords.
You may also choose to learn with this site using a Chromatic Harmonica. You can buy one with 8, 10, 12, 14, and even 16 holes. Werecommendyou begin with a 12 hole Chromatic Harmonica.
If you own a Chromatic Harmonica withmorethan 12 holes, initially ignore the holes before the last 12 orrelateto holes 1 to 12numbersonly.
This site planned for C diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

How to practic playing:

1. Each lesson design for approximatelyone week practicing.
We recommend playing and practicing every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
2. Read the instructions and make sure you understand them. If you are confused as to a point, use the forums. 
3. Go step by step, and don't skip material.
4. Listen to each song or exerciseseveral times, absorb the the melodyand then try it yourself.
5. Lower the tempo, and play along with thecomputer. Slowly raise the tempo back to normal.
6. Play each song or melody at lest 4 time continuous at every practicing. Try learning every melody by hart if you can - it's alwaysthe best.
7. Try playing duet's and cannon's along with the computer if there isn't another Harmonica player handy.
8. When you have finished the harmonica lessons, record the final lesson, and send it to us for a personal review of your progress.
9. You may print theexercisingorder topracticeaway from the computer.
10. An old Chinese saying: "The world belongs to those who are stubborn"

Return policy

* Returns accepted within: 7 Days
* Refund given as: Money Back
* Return shipping paid by: Seller
* Additional return policy details: Buyer has 7 days to cancel the subscription by written e-mail notification. The money will be refunded to the customer's paypal account

The Harmonica is a delicate instrument with a special gentle sound. To continue and enjoy this sound, there are a few important rules you must remember.
1. When you play, make sure you mouth is clean. Do not playimmediatelyafter you eat unless you have cleaned your mouth.
2. Warm the harmonica between your hands for better response (especially during the winter.)
3. After you finish playing a piece, tap the harmonica with its holes down against your hand or your leg to clear it of excess spit.
4. Do not touch the mechanism within the harmonica, it produces the sound by vibration and is very sensitive.
If the harmonica is out of a tune or a note is "stuck", you should send it for cleaning and repair.
5. When not in use, keep the harmonica closed in it's case protected from dust and damp.


Special harmonicas

Special harmonicas

It's time to come in and study harmonica at $ 2.5 a week

Ami - Your Teacher

Ami - Your Teacher

Harmonica Notes

Harmonica Notes

Dror Adler's promo video for his workshop at the Virtual Chromatic Weekend's

Dror Adler's promo video for his workshop at the Virtual Chromatic Weekend's "A Celebration of the Chromatic Harmonica" organised by HarmonicaUK.-

Study harmonica at a special discount

Study harmonica at a special discount

It's time to come in and study harmonica at $ 2.5 a week

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