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begin free lessons- you will see how easy and convenient it is to learn harmonica. Learn to hold and blow the harmonica, read musical notes and rhythm, play and practice the first notes (C, E, G) and be ready for playing many songs. sign up!

A - Harmonica lessons Introduction

A - Harmonica Introduction

About the lessons

This website uses a new and user-friendly technology so students can learn quickly and easily.

Students play while following the notes and harmonica tabs on the screen.

You can playback an online harmonica lesson as many times as you wish and whenever you wish.


How to practice

 We recommend playing and practicing each day for at least 20 minutes.

Each lesson is designed for a week of practice When you sign and subscribe you can access to all the lessons and all songs of the site and progress your own speed.

 Do not rush and progress step by step from "lessons for beginners". 

In this site you shall learn to read the notes, but You can play all the songs by heart with the help of Listening.

The harmonica is one of the easiest and most convenient instruments to learn. It’s a small instrument so you can take it with you anywhere you go and play it anywhere and anytime.

On this site you can learn by using Diatonic harmonica 10 holes (C) 
or Chromatic harmonica 12 holes or above.

Diatonic harmonica.
This harmonica is small, comfortable to hold and it is easy to blow and produce sound. The diatonic harmonica is the only wind instrument that can play both melodies and chords.

The diatonic harmonica is about 7 cm in length, has 10 holes and includes three octaves.  It is amazing how much sound  such a small and low cost instrument can produce!

The word diatonic means that all the notes on this harmonica 
belong to one particular scale. The type of scale is written on the side of the instrument. This book teaches  you how to play  on C scale.



Chromatic harmonica 
Can play Half tones.

This sophisticated harmonica has a slid button on the side that raising the sound half tone (one step up), so it play any scale we want like:  major, minor, scales and with sharps or flats .
Chromatic harmonica can be purchase at
 variable number of holes:
 8 , 10 , 12 , 14 , or even 16 that able to produce  4 octaves.
At this book we use 12 holes chromatic harmonica that able to play range of 3 octaves.

The disadvantage of it is the difficulty of carrying out the essential bending  sound  for Playing  the blues, or playing basic chords useful in playing folk songs and country, but the big advantage is playing classical music or songs with many different scales that require Halftone .

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