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Welcome to Learn Harmonica Online
From Beginners to Experts, any player can find lessons and songs suited to his or her level and intrest.


Harmonica leasons
All lessons include notes and tubs for harmonica.

Each song can be played while following the notes and the harmonica tubs on the screen.

Over 200 harmonica songs and harmonica exercises to practice for diatonic and chromatic harmonica


Community for Harmonica Lovers
This is a community for Harmonica lovers everywhere to gather, discuss, learn, and share our passion for this small and unique instrument.

Over 35 Lessons
118 Exercises and Songs With video, explanations, notes and tabs!

Over 80 Songs Including Blues, Country, Rock Folk, Classical, and everything in between!

Amazing Scorch System
See and hear notes as you watch them play!


Country Classics
Come learn how to play like the best from the west....


Forums Now Open
Come join the growing community...


Unique Technology

Unique Technology!


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for Beginners

Harmonica Lessons

28 lessons online 
 94 Exercises Songs

 Available Worldwide


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Trosingen Festival


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