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 Basic Harmonica Lessons

 Free  Beginners Harmonica Lessons

 Harmonica Songs and Exercises

 For diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.
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Harmonica Lesson 1 - Types of Harmonica for Begginers

Free - Harmonica Lesson - Learn about the Chromatic and Diatonic Harmonica both of which you can learn to play on this site.

If you can't play the notes, you need to download the Scorch Player -------->

Welcome to your first lessons!

Here you can learn everything from your first note to your first performance!

There are two primary types of Harmonicas:

The Diatonic Harmonica and the Chromatic Harmonica. This site is appropriate for either kind of harmonica.

Diatonic Harmonica ( key of C)

(Also known as the Blues Harmonica)

With the Diatonic Harmonica you will be able to play songs in the C Major scale- in other words, any song you can play on the white keys of the piano. You can also purchase Diatonic Harmonicas in diffrent keys- for example, A, G, E, F, and D. For this site you should purchase a C Major Scale Harmonica.

The Diatonic Harmonica is suitable mainly for rock, country, folk, and blues music styles.

Chromatic Harmonica

(12 Holes Recommended)

The Chromatic Harmonica is a harmonica that progresses by half tones. This means it can play all 12 half tones of an octave, similar to both the white and the black keys on the piano. The 12 hole Chromatic Harmonica can play three whole octaves.

This is a more flexible and sophisticated harmonica that can play in any key including minor scales. Additionaly, it is easier to perform certain effects such as trills.

On the other hand, Chromatic Harmonicas have some shortcomings. It is almost impossible to bend notes, an essential effect for blues and country music. Also, it is not designed for playing chords.

You may also choose to learn with this site using a Chromatic Harmonica. You can buy one with 8, 10, 12, 14, and even 16 holes. We recomend you begin with a 12 hole Chromatic Harmonica.
If you own a Chromatic Harmonica with mroe than 12 holes, initially ignore the holes before the last 12.



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