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Harmonica Songs and how to play them

   * One of the biggest pleasures of playing instruments and especially the harmonica is performing songs.

   * The harmonica is a highly versatile musical instrument that lends itself to diverse musical styles. The harmonica can be used to play simple to complex virtuosic classical music, blues riffs with impressive effects and bended tones, and complex and virtuosic Jazz. The harmonica can be used to play solos or to accompany other instruments and songs.

   * Playing songs is a whole world to itself, and the Harmonica is popular in Irish, British, French, German and Italian folksongs and even in the Israeli folksong tradition; but most players are most familiar with and love American country songs. This type of music is built on major scales, a great match for the 10-hole diatonic chromatic or blues harmonicas.

   * Almost every player is familiar with country tunes such as Oh! Susanna, spirituals such as When the Saints Go Marching In and Amazing Grace; and Bob Dylan's soulful tunes. All these songs can easily be played on a blues harmonica.

   * A beginner harmonica player can study alone or begin with several individual lessons, learning how to exhale and generate single clear harmonica notes. A person playing by ear can enjoy their harmonica anytime and anyplace.

   * A beginning or experienced musician who wants to progress to a deeper understanding of the harmonica and improve their playing should study with a harmonica teacher or take a web-based course such as HarmonicaBreeze.com; that includes video demonstrations and explanations for each song.

   * With daily lessons and practice the harmonica student will soon be playing many songs, with special effects and solos such as blended chords or bending notes curls. There are specialty harmonicas that enable you to play blues music and sounds which are not naturally on the diatonic harmonica.

   * You are invited to sign up to HarmonicaBreeze.com and try the free introductory classes - First Steps - with no obligations.

   * After the free introductory classes, you can decide if to purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to enter classes anytime for as long as you like and to progress at your own pace. Each video lesson comes with accompanying practice exercises and songs and is demonstrated in a user-friendly way by Ami Luz. Players learn quickly or slower depending on what is comfortable for them.

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