Care for your instrument

Be sure to clean your mouth by rinsing it out with water before playing.  
Before playing the harmonica, warm it between your hands so it will sound better - especially in the winter. 
At the end of  your playing session, tap the harmonica (holes down) on your wrist or leg to remove the accumulated saliva.
Don’s stick anything inside the holes. The mechanism inside the harmonica that produces the sound is fragile and sensitive.
If the harmonica sounds off-key or bad, try to remove any dirt by puffing gently and if that doesn’t help – sent it out for repair.

Diatonic (blues Harmonica 10 holes


Chromatic Harmonica C-270 12 holes


Hramonica assembly process

Holding The Diatonic Harmonica

The Diatonic Harmonica

is held by the left hand between the thumb and index finger.
The holes are on the upper side. The lower tones are on the left side.

Close  the fingers of your left hand in an arch, then bring your right hand (fingers closed) behind the harmonica to create a sort of sound box at the back. Hold your thumbs together up front.  

You can create a trembling (Vibrato) effect by opening and closing the fingers of your right hand several times while playing. Your thumbs should stick together.

is held 


Hold the Chromatic Harmonica

with the left hand between the

thumb and index finger. The chromatic button is on the

right side.


Hold  your right hand on the other side the same way as the left .




Push the chromatic button with the first joint of the index finger – it raises the  note by a half tone.

Blowing and Sound Producing

Try these two ways of blowing into the instrument and select the one most convenient/comfortable  for you. Your lips and tongue should be relaxed.

Tongue Block

Open your lips with the tongue protruding slightly out. Place the harmonica between your lips with the tip of your tongue under hole #4 and blow air straight through the center of the hole. The sides of your tongue will close the holes on both sides of the hole as  you are playing. Try to produce just one note.

Puckering your Lips

Close your lips gently but leave a small gap at the center, in front of hole #4.

Bring the harmonica to your lips and blow air through hole #4.   Try to produce only a single note. Don’t let air escape from the sides of your lips.





harmonica maintenance by Hohner companyVideo

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